"So, you'd like me to paint something for you?"

I am flattered that you enjoy my artwork enough to inquire about a custom piece that is special to you. Please allow me to explain a few things to you about my commission work.

- First and foremost,  I must insist on having artistic license with my work, which means that I will take your suggestions and reference photos into consideration but, ultimately, I need you to trust me with the design and composition. If I don't really enjoy what I am doing it will reflect in my work. I promise to do a great job.  I will prepare a small sketch or manipulate your photos on my computer programs to give you an idea of what I intend to create. If you like what you see, we can continue to talk about cost. 


- Secondly, I do invest a great amount of time and detail into my work so I charge by the hour and not the size of a composition because some subjects are much more detailed than others. I will give you an estimate of my projected cost and I expect 50% down payment once we have reached an agreement about the work. To give you some idea, I generally charge around $800 + for an original 12" x 24", $1,000 + to $1,200+ for an original 16" x 20", or 18" x 24. I do work on hardboard so I am able to create large and custom size pieces.

- Thirdly, I require a few months to complete a composition as I often have other works in progress and may have engagements that I need to attend. I am the sole proprietor, artist, packer, shipper and marketer so please be patient with me!

Thank you!

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