Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take you to complete a painting?

Now that is a loaded question! It has taken me 30 years of learning, failing, success and mistakes to get to this point. On average it takes me a 40 hour work week to complete a 16" x 20" or an 18" x 24" painting. That said, I like to put my 'nearly completed' paintings aside for a few weeks or more with out looking at them. When I look at them again after that period I feel that I am looking at them with a fresh and new perspective. If I like what I see, I sign it. Ta da!

How did you learn to paint?

I first learned to paint in a friends liviing room while we watched a recorded television program of Bob Ross. We painted a landscape in oils. I continued to paint for a few years in oils, learning from local artists in the valley where I grew up. I then dabbled in watercolours in my early twenties. I now primarily use acrylic paints and I paint on canvas, board, and sometimes, involuntarily on my clothes and dog!

Do you teach painting classes?

Absolutely! I am very involved in my community art group and I often lead workshops and classes in the Headwaters Art Society's art room in Canal Flats. Please contact me if you would like to ask more questions. I love to travel and I am always game for a fun evening of wine and art!